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Deadly Viral Outbreak In New Jersey

According to a Reuters article, A total of 25 young patients with compromised immune systems have been confirmed with adenovirus infections at a New Jersey rehabilitation center, state health officials said. 

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C-Section Deliveries Have Nearly Doubled

According to a study by The Lancet, the number of births by cesarean section is on the rise, climbing from about 16 million (12.1% of all births) in 2000 to 29.7 million (21.1% of all births) in 2015. 

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First Spray-On Skin Treatment Approved By The FDA

ReCell, a regenerative skin-cell solution, is the first treatment of its kind approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for growing back skin.

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U.S. Facing Physician Shortage by 2030

According to new data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the United States could see a shortage of up to 120,000 Physicians by 2030. 

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MRI Tests May Help Predict MS Progression

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) often live with uncertainty because it's hard to predict how quickly the disease will progress and how disabling it might become.

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Meet The Youngest Face Transplant Recipient In The U.S.

Katie Stubblefield was just 18 when she attempted suicide with a .308-caliber hunting rifle. She survived, but the injury resulted in the loss of her face. Now at the age of 21, Katie has become the youngest person...

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Diversity In The Medical Field Is Important

Racial, socioeconomic, and international diversity aren’t just nice things to have within America’s Physician workforce. They can be a difference between life and death.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Specialties For Doctors

Medscape annually compiles the highest earning areas in medicine, surveying more than 20,000 physicians currently practicing medicine in the United States and comparing the data was against other studies, including...

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Microsoft Healthcare Team Wants To Move Doctors To The Cloud

Microsoft has been working on health-related initiatives for years, but is now bringing its efforts together into a new Microsoft Healthcare team.  It’s a bigger effort to create cloud-based patient profiles, push...

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First Army Physician In Space

Army Lieutenant Colonel and Emergency Physician, Drew Morgan, will be one of two American astronauts heading to the International Space Station next year. 

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