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Doctors Are Reusing Kidneys To Save Lives

Vertis Boyce had been on the kidney donation wait list for 8 1/2 years. She got the call about a potential life-changing surgery. The donated organ had a backstory that a doctor would need to explain. “The backstory...

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Test Could Show If Patients Are Taking Their Medication

Many patients don't take their blood pressure medicine they've been prescribed because of the side effects. Those patients also lie to their doctors about taking the medications. There is now a drug test that can...

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Future Doctors With Disabilities Face Barriers In Medical Schools

The article was written by Elana Gordon for NPR

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Dye Makes Cancerous Lymph Nodes Glow

Science Daily- Surgeons at Penn Medicine are using a fluorescent dye that makes cancerous cells glow in hopes of identifying suspicious lymph nodes during head and neck cancer procedures. Led by Jason G. Newman, MD,...

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Healthgrades Reveals 2018 List of America’s Best Hospitals

Healthgrades, the leading online resource for information about physicians and hospitals, released America’s 50 and 100 Best Hospitals for 2018. The recipients of the America’s 50 and 100 Best Hospitals Awards™ —...

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‘Black Men in White Coats’ Inspiring Minority Students To Become Physicians

This article written by is from the UCLA Newsroom.

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Virtual Visits Recommended For Flu Season

Article written by The United States is in the middle of a severe flu outbreak and the CDC says flu cases are increasing at an alarming rate.

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More Surgical Robots Are Being Used

Artificial intelligence and robotic surgeries are the future of health care. These technologies can automate new tasks, and we are making more of them, faster, better, and cheaper than ever before. At present, about ...

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Survey Shows Majority of Healthcare Providers See Gun Violence as Public Threat

Medscape Medical News surveyed healthcare providers and 65% said they see gun violence as a public threat, but many said they are not at all prepared to discuss gun safety with patients.

Of 462 total respondents, 72%...
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Doctors Are Targets Of Cyberattacks

This article is from AMA Wire. Physicians, overwhelmingly, are finding themselves the target of cyberattacks that disrupt their practices and put patient safety at risk.

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