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Physician Parents Toilet-Train Newborn With No Diapers

These California doctors wanted to stop contributing to the 27 billion and counting, disposable diapers filling the U.S landfills every year. With their third child on the way and cloth diapers not an option in a...

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Susan La Flesche Picotte: The First Native American Doctor

On Saturday Google dedicated their doodle to the first Native American Female Physician, Susan La Flesche Picotte. 

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This Physician Is Dedicated to TransGender Kids’ Health

Jack Turban graduated from Harvard University and Yale School of Medicine, and for the last 5 years he has been focusing on the health of transgender children. Some people believe that being transgender is a disease,...

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12-Year-Old Girl Helps Deliver Baby Brother

Jacee Dellapena, 12, was nervous she wouldn't be able to see her new brother be born because she wasn't tall enough to see what was going on. She missed her first baby brother's birth because she was too young. The...

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Physician Is Bringing Awareness To HIV

June is unofficially recognized as LGBTQ Pride Month, because of a demonstration that took place in 1969, according to USA Today. We wanted to highlight a story about a Physician who believes awareness is the best...

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Twin Doctors Have A Mission To Help Their Community

Most doctors would love to have a clone of themselves to help with their patient workload. You might think that Dr. Elana McDonald got that wish but, it's actually her twin sister Dr. Delana Wardlaw! These identical...

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Replacing Retired Physicians

Physicians who've worked for decades are now looking to retire. Many are concerned about the positions being filled after they leave. Especially Physicians in rural areas like Dr. Tortolani from VermontAs older...

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Doctor Imposters In The United States

We have recently heard in the news about Doctor imposters. One woman impersonated a Doctor for several days at a Boston Hospital. Another story is about a man who was running a fake clinic out of an industrial...

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FDA To Doctors: Consider Learning More On Acupuncture For Pain

Chiropractors and acupuncturists have been lobbying for a bigger role in pain treatment. They finally won a preliminary endorsement from the FDA.

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Female Physicians Reporting Maternal Discrimination On The Job

Female physicians and physician mothers have reported experiencing workplace discrimination based on gender and maternal status according to a new study.

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