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Social Media Tools For Physicians

How you are perceived by others on social media helps to build your professional reputation. Whether you want to expand your practice, find colleagues to collaborate with, or are looking for career opportunities,...

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A List Of The Highest Paying Jobs For Doctors

This article by Forbes takes a look at a review of Hiring trends by physician search firm Merritt Hawkins. The review is based on 3,286 search assignments between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. The report showed...

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See Why Female Physicians May Be Less Engaged With Their Work

Written by Alyssa Rege at www.beckershospitalreview.com

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ASCO Releases Plan To Increase Racial, Ethnic Diversity In Oncology Workforce

This article by healio discusses a strategic plan, released by the ASCO, designed to promote the development of a culturally competent oncology workforce that is equipped to care for the diverse population of...

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Five Tips Health Systems Can Use To Improve Physician Engagement

This article was written by Michael J. Dowling, President & CEO, Northwell Health.

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Supervisors Want More Diversity Among County Doctors

This article posted by egpnews.com shows that health systems are taking diversity and inclusion seriously. The medical staff such as Doctors and Nurses should be as diverse as their patient population.

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American Doctor in London to Examine Charlie Gard

Charlie suffers from mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that has left him brain-damaged and unable to breathe unaided. 

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Does Empathy and Warmth Make a Physician Seem More Competent?

This article written by Scientific America beleives that in many cases empathy and warmth does in fact make a Physician seem more competent.

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Social Media Can Make or Break Your Career

You could be posting your vacation pictures or reaching out to colleagues about a patient online but be aware that the line between personal and professional, as well as what's appropriate, can sometimes become...

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Mutilated Albinos Get New Prosthetics

This article from abc news is chilling and hopefully brings awareness to what is going on in Tanzania.

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